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LimiTV: Improving children’s learning and health

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LimiTV informs parents, educators, and children about the ways excessive TV watching can compromise early childhood development, hinder learning, adversely affect health, and stimulate aggressive behavior.

LimiTV recommends little-to-no TV and video game time for children four-and-under, and less than 10 hours/week for K-12 students. More than that is considered excessive.

We hope that this web site will help you make an informed decision about media time and provide ideas about alternative activities.

LimiTV Provides Information on:
Negative Effects of TV on Kids
Children Watching Television
Negative Effects of Children Watching TV

Effects of Kids Watching Television

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TV Hinders a Child's
Imagination -- Independence -- Inquiry -- Interaction

Want to limit your child's access to TV? Here are two great solutions.


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