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Welcome Parents and Educators

LimiTV conducted six Webinars sessions titled "Improving the Health and Learning of Your Child."
We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of North Carolina state government in enabling these Webinars.

LimiTV also conducted a presentation on the same subject for Action for Healthy Kids-NC which may be watched by selecting the link below.

The benefits of this program include helping your child:

• Improve reading and speaking skills
• Improve learning skills
• Maintain a healthy weight
• Pay attention in class
• Get along well with students and teachers
• Improve self-confidence 


North Carolina Presentation

Two major concerns of most parents are a child's health and education. Children spend about 35 hours each week in school. On average, they spend between 25-39 hours each week with screen media-TV and video games, what James Steyer calls "The Other Parent."

This engaging presentation will examine the relationship among health, learning, and screen time, and then recommend actions for parents wishing to make changes in how their children spend their time.

Click here to watch the presentation

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We would very much appreciate learning your reaction to this presentation. Please send an e-mail to director@limit-tv.org. Please also let us know if it's alright if we post your comment to our web site, without your name, of course. We would just use all or part of what you wrote. Positive and negative comments welcome.

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