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Information - Effects of TV


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Chilling Television Statistics
You’ve probably got a gut feeling that all that TV just can’t be good for your children; here’s proof.

TV & The Pre-School Years

The big yellow bird, the purple dinosaur, and dancing bananas may be cute, but…

TV & The School Years
Here’s what happens to a TV-junkie-child’s brain instead of learning.

TV, Video Games and Aggressive Behavior

The adverse effects of media violence and what you can
do about it.

Health Effects of Excessive TV Watching by Children
The adverse effects on a child's health from spending too much time with TV and videos.

Media Literacy
An overview of media literacy, why it's important, how it's taught, and tips on becoming a media savvy family.

Why Parents Don’t Limit TV
An essay discussing the reasons parents give for not limiting their children’s time in front of the tube.

Get Your TV Under Control
Practical tips for taming the TV in your household. It can be done!

Kellogg Foundation Grant
Annual TV-Turnoff Week
Feedback from Families
Activities for Children
Products to limit TV time

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